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  • Lewis Mitten

Trophy Awards

This year we were lucky enough to be entered into the Painting And Decorating association Trophy Awards.

The Trophy awards celebrates the very best of the talent within the decorating industry, from the largest of contractors to the smaller businesses like our own.

Hundreds of decorators from all over the country, showing of the very best of their work. Once all entries are in, they are then shortlisted down to 50. The top 50 have PDA judges come out to the site and take a look

around the job.

From here the top 5 are chosen. We are so proud to be within these top 5. We were invited to London to the awards ceremony to see if we were the lucky winners. Mitten's Decorating finished as runners up and are commened by the PDA.

Our journey in the awards makes me very proud to be the owner of a company that produces such high quality work.

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