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A restaurant revamp.

At first glance the revamp of this restaurant would seem like a straight forward job. The Job was to do 1) paint the lower cladding 2) wallpaper the top half. straight forward enough you say?

This single room had almost every obstacle imaginable when it comes to wallpapering. We had curved walls, internal and external corners, sockets, beams and not to mention the countless number of wall lights. All this said, it was a very enjoyable job and gave us a great sense of pride, especially after hearing all the good feedback from the staff and customers.

We started by giving all the woodwork a sand over with a orbital sander, sanding off any flaking paint and giving an nice and smooth surface. Once we had finished sanding we dusted off the wood and washed it down with sugar soap. We then applied decorators caulk to all the internal edges of the cladding to ensure that no gaps in the wood were visible. Once ready, using a brush and mini roller, we applied 3 good coats of Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell. Usually, i don't like to use this paint as it has a tendency to run, and i am forever chasing myself, however for the required durability and fast drying time this paint was the best option it also delivered a fantastic finish.

Now with the cladding out of the way it was time to start with the wallpapering. The wallpaper the customer had chosen was from the company Morris Melsetter. I have to say, I have hung a lot of wallpaper and this is at the top with the best paper to work with. It was a non-woven paper, so this saved us valuable time that would have usually been wasted in soak times.

Due to the age of the building not many of the walls were any where near level, so one of the biggest Challenges we has was making sure that the paper remained straight after going over the trunking and around the corners.

In Conclusion, this job was both challenging and rewarding

Thank you all very much for reading and keep an eye out for next weeks MittBlog

Much Love



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